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Education in the U.S.A.

Structure of the USA Education System:

The US education system may be organized very differently from the system in the home countries of international students. Reflected in a chart, it looks like this, complete with pathways between levels. Also please click the link below for further information on the USA Education System

Boarding Schools

Boarding schools cater to ambitious learning outcomes.

Boarding schools are a great fit for international students especially because they are residential, so they can offer unique benefits to students. These five advantages of boarding schools:

  1. Superior academics, supported by small classes and heightened interaction between teachers and students;

  2. Students’ immersion in a unique residential campus environment in which they live, which promotes friendship among peers, and a trust and honesty with mentors and adults that endures for a lifetime;

  3. The responsibility of appropriate independence, in which students learn how to live with and among peers and mentors;

  4. Preparation for elite universities;

  5. Preparation for general success (studies show that boarding school graduates rapidly advance in their professional careers, and are more engaged in their communities than their peers).

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