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Sydney, NSW AUSTRALIA | Girls Boarding School

Type of School: Girls                                         Religion: Anglican                  

Year Levels: K-12                                               Boarding Year Levels: 5-12

Number of Students:  900                              Student to Faculty Ratio: 9:1

Boarding Capacity:  60                                    

Tara Anglican School for Girls provides an inspirational learning environment for Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 girls, providing a wide range of academic, cultural, and sporting experiences, as well as offering short term and full time boarding to girls from Years 5 to 12. Tara is located on 12 hectares of beautiful grounds in North Parramatta. Tara has an active community with a rich heritage of more than 120 years of girls’ education, with a bright and exciting future. 


Tara is a school where the emphasis is on learning in a Christian framework with the aim of providing the best holistic education for young women. As one of Australia’s leading independent schools, Tara Senior School has an outstanding reputation for preparing girls for entry into the country’s top universities and for successful futures. We encourage and empower our girls to achieve and serve in a dynamic world.

Tara enjoys a reputation for academic excellence as a comprehensive school. This success stems from a supportive and inclusive School culture. Tara’s teaching practices are informed by research in best practice teaching and learning for girls from the early years of school through to our graduating Year 12 students. It’s a friendly, safe and energetic learning community where students explore a well-rounded education across a wide range of areas: academic, sporting, artistic and spiritual – creating confident, articulate and resilient young women who can thrive in an ever changing, global world.


Alongside academic pursuits all take pride in helping students to develop solid values, including affirmation, opportunity, service to others and integrity. Education within a framework of Christian faith has been the cornerstone of Tara since it was established in 1897 and at Tara we value the girls as individuals and recognises their uniqueness. 


Tara’s depth and breadth of educational opportunities will continue to promote the attainment of each girl’s potential, through the academic and co-curricular programs and the development of girls’ characters and leadership potential.


As one of Australia’s leading independent schools, Tara has an outstanding reputation for preparing the young women of Tara for life beyond school and to take their place on the world stage. Tara students develop an appreciation of the world around them and we encourage students to be inquisitive, value diversity, have a sense of personal responsibility and a commitment to social justice as well as to see learning as an ongoing adventure.

Discover Tara Virtual Tour - August 2020

Discover Tara Virtual Tour - August 2020

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